Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work exactly?
    -a) You contact me for booking, b) pre-pay your invoice or pay upon arrival shooting day, c )take photos, d) within a few days I have an online gallery for you to browse and select your photos, e) your selections are sent to you digitally via Dropbox!

  • Where does the session take place?
    Any location of your choice(within reason). I personally love the look of outdoor photos, but we can do indoors, in your home, office, etc.

  • Do you have a studio?
    No, I currently do not. I have a home office that I do my editing/networking/advertising out of. 

  • Do you use lighting equipment?
    No. I prefer to manipulate and work with natural lighting as much as possible. 

  • How many poses do we take?
    As many as we have time for during your session. Time is our only limitation.

  • Can we order prints through you?
    Yes! My online galleries are linked to a few photo labs that I love.

  • Do you make albums?
    Yes. Albums are available under the "Dessert" category of the price list.

  • Do you edit the photos?
    Yes I do. I want you to see YOU- as your best self, how others see you, when viewing my work. No crazy photoshopping. Just tasteful adjustments. 

  • Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, I do! I have started using the Square through my 
    iPhone. You can also pre-pay your invoice with credit card through my online system.
  • How do I receive my images?
    Through email via Dropbox, a free hosting service.

  • If I want large prints, canvas prints, calendars, etc- do you do that?
    Yes! The sky is the limit for what we can do with your photos.

  • Up to what size will I be able to print my digital files without looking grainy and distorted?
    Unless otherwise specified, they are okay to print up to 5x7. Any prints larger than that you order directly through me(this is where the online gallery comes in handy!).

  • How long will it take for me to get to view photos from my shoot?
    Typically I have your online gallery ready for viewing within 3 days. Depending on how many photos we take, and the type of session we did, it can take longer.

  • Should I wear makeup?
    It is totally up to you! If you normally wear makeup, or are taking boudoir/pinup photos, I would highly recommend it. It adds depth to your face, especially your eyes! If you don't feel comfortable doing your own hair or makeup- I can recommend a stylist in the area. 

  • What should we wear for a family shoot?
    The days of matching are passed, unless you really want that! I usually tell moms to select their outfit first, then dress the family in similar and/or complimentary colors. Try to keep clashing patterns/plaids/hawaiian prints to a minimum.

  • ​My kids don't sit still/are impatient...will photos work with them?
    Yes! I have a hyper toddler who is always on the go. I don't usually need much time to pose the little ones(and half the time, the less posed the better!). I know what shots I'd like to get, and take them as quickly as possible. The less grumpy kids, the better.

  • Do you post all of our photos on your website or social media?
    No! I do not post anything without your approval. Model releases are given out for every shoot. You can choose to allow all photos to be used, only certain ones of your choosing, ask to view your photos before deciding, or simply say no. I love my work and what I do- and would love to share it with the world if you allow me to :) 

  • I want to take sexy photos, but I'm shy. Who will see my pictures besides you?
    Nobody! I take the photos and do the editing myself. The online gallery is password protected. Your photos stay between you and me, and whoever you choose to share them with...if anyone!

    ​If I still didn't answer your question...please contact me and I would be more than happy to answer!- Linda