Hi! My name is Linda. Here's a little( okay, a LOT) about me! I love coffee(Starbucks fanatic), skulls, Coca Cola, and retro everything. I play womens soccer & roller derby! I like to think I have a unique sense of style....really it's a big mixture of everything all thrown together. You'll catch me around town in sweats or workout clothes most of the time. I'm tough on the outside with a deep sensitivity on the inside. I'm married to a Marine veteran, and in 2014 we had our first child, a boy. Baby #2 came in the fall of 2017- a little girl.

My love of photography has been growing and evolving since I was 10 years old. Every road trip or family vacation I went on(from a big family- I'm the oldest of 5 children), my little camera went with me. At holidays I always got the cousins together for group photo shoots. Sometimes my sister & I, with our cousin in tow, set aside afternoons or whole Saturdays to go have photo shoots.


During my teen years I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine. Through the years I have learned this is a pretty common thing- but at 15, I felt insecure, imperfect, and felt like I would never be able to measure up to "normal" girls who had "straight" backs. I struggled with figuring out who I was, and had a hard time accepting myself for not being "perfect". Honestly it took me until I was about 22 or 23 years old to start embracing myself, my differences, and my body. The struggle gave me a huge burden & drive to do Boudoir photos for women. I believe that so many women, all ages & sizes, have an internal struggle at some point. My turning point was taking dance classes at a women's only studio, that in turn introduced me to having my first ever boudoir shoot with an awesome photographer. She made me feel so comfortable, sexy, & beautiful. It's truly empowering to overcome body anxieties/fears of thinking you aren't as good, or pretty, or in shape as someone else. I believe God created each of us in a unique way that should be embraced and loved. We are all individual- and that's what makes us special. Being the same as everyone else....why would we want that? I am christian, and grew up in several legalistic churches that put more weight in appearances and outside actions, than what was going on in the heart. I disagree with that way of thinking. Modesty is important, but a woman should not feel shamed for her natural beauty. Some of my best works have been album projects for wives surprising their husbands with- or fiancées giving an album to their future husband as a wedding present. I know how it feels to be nervous, shy, and afraid to step up in front of the camera. But I felt so much better for doing so- and I promise, you will too! Even if it's just to do it for YOU, to have those photos for yourself and know in your mind that you accomplished and overcame a fear. Every woman I have photographed has given me the most positive feedback, and was extremely happy with their photos.  

I love spur of the moment, emotion photography. I don't like posed shots as much as I love the natural reactions you get causing someone to ACTUALLY laugh.You'll never hear "smile and hold your breath for ten seconds" from me. I don't currently have a studio. Honestly I love shooting on locations that mean something to my client much, much more! I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings for this reason. Every minute the emotions are swirling and changing. Siblings hugging, parents crying, grandparents staring on proudly. A wedding is a whirlwind for a bride and groom, but the photos will help them relive that day for years and years. One of my grandmothers passed away a few years after I was married, and I love so much to look back at my own wedding album and see her there smiling. 

My husband is a classic car, four wheeling, outdoor redneckish fanatic. I have gone to tons of car shows, 4x4 trips, events, etc. I've gotten into vehicle photography this way. It's fun and different. I love a challenge!

Hopefully by now you aren't scared away, I'd love to do your photos for you! Get in touch with me and we can discuss further:) Thank you so much for your time!